I’ve been so busy finishing up my latest game that I haven’t had time to write any posts.

I love bullet points so why don’t I use some bullet points:

  • My new game is coming soon. Find out more here:¬†facebook.com/WarGamesMovie
  • I’ve been meeting with several of the awesome teams from the Indie Open House. They’re all working on games that are super rad. Check out A Virus Named Tom by Misfits Attic, Cryptic Sea‘s website,¬†Interabang’s bangin’ game Super Comboman, and Wolfire‘s Overgrowth. It’s great living in San Francisco because there are a TON of indies here. If you’re an indie and live here let’s try to meet up at a local gathering at some point.
  • Lame Castle will be getting a much needed update. Mostly to rip out Open Feint (to fix a few issues with the game loading and crashing).
  • Went to New York to see WarGames at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. It was super fun to see the movie on the big screen after having watched it a good 12 times over the last few months (for research!). They had a quick panel after the movie with John Badham (director), Ally Sheedy, and a few other tech/future/DARPA guys. It was really cool to see them talk about what happened behind the scenes, and to hear the DARPA / futurist talk about AI and how to prevent Skynet.

Anyways, big news in next week, like huge news. Talk to you then.