A Spire To The Gods is officially back on the main burner. It feels really good to aspire to finish A Spire.

I took a break from working on it back in April so I could re-wire my brain and reset everything. I went on a bike tour of southern France for 6 days, found almost every last pixel inside Dark Souls 2, spent a lot of time outside, and worked on an augmented reality effect. Augmented reality is fun to work on and usually gets a pretty interesting reaction from people. I’m hoping to do more with it and am just waiting on a contract before continuing.

Needless to say, the reset did wonders.

I’m quite pumped to work on Spire again. I feel a little weird calling it Spire because my friend (and officemate) is working on a game called Spire right now, but it’s so much easier to say than the full name. Every time I get a glimpse of his game my knees quiver, it’s going to be amazing.

My new thing is to write down all my tasks so I mapped out how long I think it’ll take to finish MY Spire, and it’s just under 2 full months of solid development. That’s if I were to work on it full time, but I might be spending a couple weeks working on the augmented reality effects so there’s definitely no release date yet.

Tile reveals in A Spire To The Gods gif_02

A goal of mine is to write a blog post at least every 2 weeks so if anyone’s reading this and I don’t do that please call me out on it. One of the next few posts will be about how I watch short clips of movies to boost my mood and productivity. See you then.