Now that I’m back full time on A Spire To The Gods I’d like to keep you updated every few weeks with videos showing off the latest features.

This last week I implemented enemy special abilities, AKA special moves.

Certain enemies will be able to do one of these actions:

  • Heal Ally – Heals a damaged enemy on the screen. If multiple healers are present you might be in serious trouble!
  • Grow Stronger – This one triggers every few turns and increases the enemy’s max health. If you don’t take them out then they could quickly become very powerful.
  • Block Inventory Use – Some enemies prevent you from being able to use your inventory items.
  • Summon Ally – This is where you can really get into trouble since enemies with this ability can litter the dungeon with more enemies.
  • Move – Most flying enemies can move around the dungeon and block your path.
  • Toughen Tiles – Tiles that are toughened require more clicks to open, which will waste more of your food to reveal their contents.
  • Instant Death – You definitely want to take out an enemy before they can trigger this one.

These specials will trigger every few turns. The number of turns until the enemy triggers their special is indicated by a clock and a countdown as seen below:

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8 Turns until this baddy summons... Cthulhu!

8 Turns until this baddy summons… Cthulhu!

In this video I show off a green goblin healing a blob:

My next few tasks include writing the story, balancing the enemies, and replacing a bunch of the art with newer, prettier art.