I just set up presskit() for my games and for Be-Rad Entertainment. It’s fairly easy to use and is nicely integrated with distribute() so you can send out game keys to people requesting them.

Presskit() is used to set up pages where anyone (i.e. the press or influencers) can go to get information, screens, and trailers for your company and all the games you’ve made. For instance, if one of your games catches someone’s eye it makes it really easy for them to grab official info about your game to put into their article, stream, video, etc.

Distribute() is a quick way to set up a method for collecting requests and sending out keys to people. It also has the added benefit of forcing people who request keys to fill out a short form, which I’ve heard multiple sources say cuts down on a high percentage of people just trying to get free keys.

I remember seeing presskit back before I put Be-Rad on pause so setting it up has been on the back of my mind for a good 8 years now.

To set presskit up you need an FTP client and a text editor. I use Filezilla and Sublime Text. The php file you run to set everything up even has instructions with bullet points that get crossed off as you complete them. Distribute() was even easier to set up and integrate once presskit() was set up.

Props to Rami and everyone for creating this tool. Who knows how many opportunities this will bring by setting up presskit for your pages, but it certainly feels good knowing it’s set up and ready to go!

Here’s the presskit() for Be-Rad if you want to check it out. Mine currently uses the basic template, but I’ve seen other companies modify the page to look fancier.