Behold, the new gameplay trailer for Demon’s Mirror! Feast your eyes on some new gameplay reveals, new enemies, new animations, new backgrounds, the new shop & merchant (people are calling him smile man), the reward screen, the map screen, and so much more.

Please wishlist the game on Steam.


The audio is once again done by Wilmer Sound. I can’t say enough good things about the team over there. They do top notch work.

Overall, I’m completely blown away by how well the new gameplay trailer turned out. It’s an iteration of the reveal trailer, but it adds so much more (and tighter) gameplay footage, the shop screen, map screen, and cool FX. The game is finally at a point where I’m basically always happy to show it off, which is important because gathering wishlists is necessary to help the launch.

I’m currently working on tuning some fights so a decent demo can be made, and then I’ll pitch it to publishers. For more updates follow me on twitter @BeRad_Ent.


Game Description:

“Demon’s Mirror is a roguelike deckbuilder blended with a strategic puzzle battler. Use powerful cards and create massive chains to attack and defend against the enemy. Gain ever increasing powers as you traverse through a world filled with your worst nightmares.”