Hi Everyone! I’d like to give you some Demon’s Mirror dev updates. As some of you have pointed out it’s been quiet around here. You’re totally right! I’ve been so heads down adding content and crushing bugs that I totally forgot to keep you updated. Let’s change that 🙂

What’s Been Happening:

  1. I’ve been busy preparing the game so it can be submitted to a couple festivals, and it’s been submitted, woohoo! I applied to PAX Rising, the Digital Dragon’s Indie Zone, A-Maze, and a couple others. Getting into festivals would give Demon’s Mirror some great exposure, which as you probably know is hard to come by for indie games these days. I’m really hoping to get the game out there more now that the game is in good shape so any help on that front is much appreciated
  2. When can you play the game, you ask? We’re considering having a public demo available for the June Next Fest. There will most likely be a closed alpha before that so keep your eyes peeled for announcements. There isn’t an official way to sign up for it right now, but if you join our discord hit me up (BeRadical) and I’ll figure out a way to add you

Recent Updates To The Game:

  • Added a new boss, his name’s Torment and he likes to play with hot things – most notably, fire
  • Added several new enemies (these are not official names): A mushroom that wants to bite you, a giant scolopendra (AKA, centipede), rock golem, “Rabbit Hole”, fire minion, and more
  • Further tuned several fights, including the boss battle with “The Shell”
  • Added a universal tile type that can be chained together with any other type. Enemy tiles now spawn with universal tiles, which really helps open up the board and your options. (Spoiler: This is one of the best changes we’ve made to the game recently, it really opens up the gameplay and makes it feel more user friendly)
  • Updated the names for a couple tile types. The purple gems are now “Willpower” and the green orbs are called “Essence”. Collecting enough Willpower will trigger an event with several options for you to choose from (immediately damage an enemy, gain a buff, etc.). We’re still fleshing out that system, but it’s headed down a path that’s pretty cool. Essence is collected and used by cards to make them more powerful. We’ve added cards that use essence to gain a strength buff, deal damage to an enemy, or damage an enemy tile. We have some big plans for powerful cards that use essence
  • Added a bunch of new cards. One of the new cards is a “Hex” that automatically triggers both a positive (temp strength) and negative effect (vulnerability) when drawn. Getting some of these new cards completely changes a run for the better (or worse depending on how you look at it, muahahah)
  • Added several new events
  • Added several relics, including a boomerang that’ll return attack cards to you, and an item that gives you shield each time you destroy a universal tile
  • Prettied up the treasure, rewards, and card drafting screens
  • Updated the map and event screen so the void fog looks way better. Also added some nice wavy effects to the event screen to make it feel more alive
  • Fixed a bunch of bugs and made a ton of UI improvements
  • Added some more pretty FX like card trails and trails on other FX objects
Demon's Mirror enemies

A couple of the new enemies in Demon’s Mirror

Streamers, Youtubers, Press:

If you want to play a build reach out to me through Twitter, Discord, email, or wherever you can find me. I’d love to get a demo in your hands ASAP

Everyone else:

I’d love to answer any questions you have about the game. Don’t hesitate to reach out or post a question in our discord server or in the community hub.



Thanks for reading!


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