WarGames WOPR Reviews & Coverage

WarGames: WOPR came out in June of last year and managed to get some great reviews and coverage. It's been featured in the Google Play store as well as Apple's App Store. Metacritic made a list of the top reviewed games of 2012 and WarGames was #19 for iOS. This is pretty rad, too bad it wasn't the 19th highest grossing game! We still have some [...]

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WarGames: WOPR Now Available

Shall We Play A Game? Our 3rd title, WarGames: WOPR is now available on Apple's App Store and Android via Google Play and the Amazon Appstore. Step into the role of the iconic WOPR computer as you wage intense battles of Global Thermonuclear War against characters from the movie. Take on David Lightman (played by Matthew Broderick), Jennifer Mack (played by Ally Sheedy), McKittrick (played [...]

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It’s out, Exclamation Point!

Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is now available on the Apple App Store and Android Market. Links: App Store Android Market (have to use your phone) Check out the awesome launch video: watch?v=0HJlidX2Bis&feature=colike […]

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Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Available Sept. 15th

Our latest game Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is coming to iOS and Android devices this Thursday, September 15th, AKA 2 days from now. We've been getting ready by grabbing screenshots, sending builds out to press, and taking a week off to go to Burning Man (totally worth it). The development of this game has been a longer road than expected. Here's a numbered list for [...]

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Lame Castle HD Out Now

Lame Castle HD just hit the app store. We took Lame Castle, made it a universal app, added OpenFeint achievements and leaderboards, fixed some bugs, improved some gameplay, bettered the backgrounds, and added a sprinkle of love to the mix. All so you can punt some chickens in high-res detail. It's $1.99 and totally worth the download. Unless you don't like it then there's no [...]

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Lame Castle Now On Sony’s Xperia Play

If you own one of the fancy Xperia Play phones you can now play Lame Castle on it using the gamepad controls. We recently optimized the paid version of Lame Castle to utilize the gamepad and will be updating the free version very soon. If you remember, the idea behind Lame Castle was spawned from a Sony PSP commercial. Read THIS for some info on [...]

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