Headless Kamikaze Exposed

With Serious Sam 3: BFE on the horizon we've been blessed with another update, this time via Destructoid. And it's a special update because it features the greatest hero of all time, the headless kamikaze. The headless kamikaze has been featured in all the Serious Sam games to date and he just keeps looking better and better. Wait, someone just informed me the headless kamikaze [...]

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Robot Unicorn Attack Coming To Android

Today, If you search for Robot Unicorn Attack in the Android Market you'll find no trace of the game. Instead, the top result is usually Lame Castle. Come tomorrow RUA will have been released so you'll get the real game for your top result. Lame Castle sales trickle in at a rate of anywhere between 1-8 every day. Usually averaging 2-3. I have no way [...]

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BMV is now free

Lame Castle: Be My Valentine is now free for a limited time. Destructoid featured it as the free app of the day so hurry on over and download it on your iDevice.

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Be My Valentine

Lame Castle: Be My Valentine has been released into the app store. It's Lame Castle with thousands of hearts and a couple new additions: 2 new lame castles to destroy, a scarecrow, and an exploding hut. Call me crazy, but I'm purposefully not sending out press releases or anything because I want to see how many downloads the game gets with little to no press. [...]

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Mama & Son: Clean House

My friend Toom and I recently discovered Mama & Son: Clean House on the Xbox Live Indie Games channel. It's way better than anyone knows, and the world needs to hear about it. Website: Mama & Son The game has 2 protagonists: Mama and her Son (obviously).  The antagonists?  A bunch of robot kangaroo-bunnies that pop out of various portals on each level.  The story mode [...]

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