Lame Castle Now Available In The App Store

After thinking Lame Castle was stuck in a never-ending "Processing for App Store" state it is now available for download. $.99 cents, sucka! I'm planning to submit the free version soon, then I'll update the android versions and do some content updates for all versions. I'll also be doing a gameplay trailer ready for your viewing pleasure in the next couple of days. Here's one [...]

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Secret Codes

Seriously, who doesn’t like secrets?  It’s human nature to delve into the depths of secrecy and then at the same time want to share everything with everyone.  It’s a strange feeling.  That’s why I’m such a mixed bag of emotions right now… Because of this! See, it’s a secret code, but I want to share it with everyone.  What am I supposed to do? [...]

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Announcing Lame Castle

So, we made a game called Lame Castle. It took just over 2 months from start until being published in the android market. I'm sort of doing a soft launch in the android marketplace before submitting to apple. I'm planning to do several updates once it's in the app store.  There's some sweet content that'll go in such as a couple more interactive [...]

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Wild Pockets Game Jam 2010

A short while ago we partook in the Wild Pockets bay area game jam.  It's a 24 hour competition where you get a team of up to 5 people and make a game as fast as possible.  Our team was able to make 2 games which worked out quite well since we were able to share assets and scripts, effectively letting us work at a [...]

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