Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Available Sept. 15th

Our latest game Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is coming to iOS and Android devices this Thursday, September 15th, AKA 2 days from now. We've been getting ready by grabbing screenshots, sending builds out to press, and taking a week off to go to Burning Man (totally worth it). The development of this game has been a longer road than expected. Here's a numbered list for [...]

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Robot Unicorn Attack Coming To Android

Today, If you search for Robot Unicorn Attack in the Android Market you'll find no trace of the game. Instead, the top result is usually Lame Castle. Come tomorrow RUA will have been released so you'll get the real game for your top result. Lame Castle sales trickle in at a rate of anywhere between 1-8 every day. Usually averaging 2-3. I have no way [...]

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Castle Crashers Tunes

The music from the recently released Xbox live arcade game Castle Crashers has been released for download (I just bought a 360 last night so I could play this game, among many other games). Play it, love it, get annoyed by all the shrubbery obstructing your view.  It's well worth the money. Get the tunes Here.

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Crimson Star

Crimson Star is a WIP sidescroller game being developed by DarkSirrusGames. The developer claims it's about 8% completed.  So doing the math here, let's see, carry the 1, yes, it will be close to finished in time for the 2024 Olympics. We will be watching you, Crimson Star.  You're almost lookin' good. Check out the development blog here.

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Jasper’s Journeys

Jasper's Journeys is a sidescrolling 2d platformer with cute graphics.  This bunny is really well polished, smooth, and shiny.  Nice use of colors, guys.  Your goal is to collect gems for money, fruit for weapon ammo and gold orbs because they're golden orbs.  There are also several types of powerups you can get throughout the game.  But the powerups seem to disappear when switching levels, [...]

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Skin & Bones preview trailer

A fresh new preview of the 2d platformer "Skin & Bones" has been released.  The whole game is fresh to me because it's the first time I've heard of it.  Have you heard of it?  Either way, now you have. Looks like you control 2 different characters and flip between them with the push of a button.  One of them (bones) is slow and powerful while [...]

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