Smart art

  The Hazel art directory of is filling up.  I sent one of the last art requests away and will only-probably-hopefully have 1 more medium sized request.  So all I really need are more scrolling background objects and particle effects.  There will most likely be a few more items that'll pop up but for the most part I'm ready to actually start making some levels. See, I haven't started making any [...]

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Plasma Warrior

Plasma warrior is a shout out to the original (amazing) Metroid for the NES.  First and foremost we can say not many games can stand up to the early beauties the Metroid games were (and still are) so mimicking it in any way is an attempt at trying to defeat a God.  PW doesn't defeat the almighty, but it's still a decent break from your daily activity. [...]

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Castle of Elite

Castle of Elite is a platform puzzle game made by Daniel Remar.  The controls use both the keyboard and mouse simultaneously and it works great.  The character is controlled by the keyboard and the mouse is used to place/destroy blocks.  There are a limited # of blocks you can pick up.  Once you have placed/destroyed a block you can't get it back.  It's like it went into [...]

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Trust the artist

 (The "new" look) Some days are the greatest development days and some just aren't.  Luckily I've been having mostly productive days lately. For some terribly whacked out reason when Dell first sent me my laptop 2.5 years ago I thought it'd be a good idea to darken most of the art files while increasing their contrast quite considerably.  Why would I do that?!?  Because at [...]

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Frozzd is a sidescrolling platformer.  It's not just any sidescrolling platformer though - it has Super-Mario-Galaxy-like planet hopping goodness.  The graphics are very cartoony and the audio is poofy soft, like a pillow (a nice soft pillow, not a gross, wet pillow).  You play as an astronaut hopping from planet to planet.  Your goal is to unfreeze blobby orange creatures called Mubblies.  As you go [...]

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The Underside

 (click that colorful square to enlarge) The Underside is a platform-adventure game claiming to be similar to the likes of Metroid, Castlevania and/or Cave Story.  It's free roaming, but its gameplay will be a bit more story driven than said games. The demo is pretty short, but the small amount of story in it is awesome juiciness. Here is how it starts: "In the beginning, the World was flat, and [...]

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