Demon’s Mirror Reveal Trailer

Here's the Demon's Mirror reveal trailer! There are 1000 things I wanted to add or change while working on this (like adding more gameplay footage), but overall I'm super happy with it. I'll share some insight as to how it was made below the video. Wishlist Demon's Mirror on the Steam page to get a notification when it's released. The Steam page also has more [...]

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Indie Elitism

Leaving web pages open in browser tabs has become my thing. I often click a headline shortly after it's been published only to have it sit in my queue of unread tabs for several days. It's interesting to refresh a tab after it's been sitting there for a day or two to see how much attention the story has received. One tab that went comment [...]

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Latest Updates

I've been so busy finishing up my latest game that I haven't had time to write any posts. I love bullet points so why don't I use some bullet points: My new game is coming soon. Find out more here: I've been meeting with several of the awesome teams from the Indie Open House. They're all working on games that are super rad. Check out [...]

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Remember What’s Out There

As I'm getting to the end of my project and wanting to continually push back deadlines so that I can add a "ton of totally sweet content" it's easy to get sucked into this monitor and forget about the real world. There's so much out there. I went to play tennis with a friend today. I don't even play tennis, but now I want to [...]

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GDC 2012 Recap

Jake from Grey Alien Games tweeted the question "Total GDC Cost was $1500. What was yours? (IGS Ticket, Flight, Accommodation, Food/Travel/Parties)." Mine was roughly $100, which is probably about the same as I would have spent if the Game Developer Conference didn't happen. Luckily, the conference is about a 25 minute walk from my apartment and my friend let me borrow a GDC pass so [...]

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GDC Week

It's GDC this week and so far it's been pretty wild. We went to the Touch Arcade party last night, hit up the 8bitSF show, rocked out to Crashfaster and met some cool people from Gaijin, Magical Time Bean, Backflip, Double Fine, Capy, Tiger Style. I even talked to a girl named Siri who was an actual human female and not a robot in the cloud. I'm [...]

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