Zan-Zan: Episode Two, The Re-Hattening

Zan-Zan's at it again in the second installment of the short series.  This game's short, really short.  That's not bad if you're looking to spend a quick 20-30 minutes collecting mushrooms.  It's a decent, tiny platformer with simple controls, left-right arrow keys to move, space bar to jump and advance the text. Like the previous paragraph said before, your task is to collect mushrooms to advance.  [...]

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Final vision

Do you like platformers?  Do you like final fantasy?  Do you like leveling up via grinding?  Then Final Vision is your game. After a couple minutes of tinkering with strange controls (They turn out to be handy once you get used to them) you choose your character's class.  There are four types, and one non-type.  Here they are (taken from the game's readme file):      Fighter  - Uses Swords [...]

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