Announcing Demon’s Mirror

Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce my new game, Demon's Mirror!  The game is a roguelike deckbuilder with strategic puzzle elements thrown in.  Anyone who's a fan of Slay the Spire or Monster Train should dig it.  If you played and liked my other game, WarGames: WOPR, you'll be pleasantly surprised as parts of it have been brought back to life in Demon's Mirror. The [...]

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Enemy Special Moves

Now that I'm back full time on A Spire To The Gods I'd like to keep you updated every few weeks with videos showing off the latest features. This last week I implemented enemy special abilities, AKA special moves. Certain enemies will be able to do one of these actions: Heal Ally - Heals a damaged enemy on the screen. If multiple healers are present [...]

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Aspire To Finish A Spire

A Spire To The Gods is officially back on the main burner. It feels really good to aspire to finish A Spire. I took a break from working on it back in April so I could re-wire my brain and reset everything. I went on a bike tour of southern France for 6 days, found almost every last pixel inside Dark Souls 2, spent a lot [...]

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Voxelizing A Mesh In Unity

Voxelizing a mesh in Unity was quite a bit easier than anticipated. After doing a quick search I found this article by David Rosen of Wolfire. He details the method for creating a voxelized grid, checking each part of the grid to see if it intersects part of the mesh, and adding a voxel for each intersection. There was no code accompanying his article, but [...]

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Go Big Or Go Small?

Having worked at larger game studios, and just reading the gaming press it's often talked about how the bigger the game the better. The more bells and whistles you have the more people will buy it. The more features you add the better. More blah leads to more bucks. Sometimes this is the case, but for my tastes - not so much. I used to [...]

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Smaller Games

Since leaving my full time job to go out on my own I’ve learned quite a bit about game development, being my own boss, working really weird hours, and trying to stay sane. Topic #1: Smaller games The smaller iphone/android/web games I’m developing now are a great break from what I’ve been working on. Sure, they’re not gigantic AAA titles that will have millions of [...]

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