Omega Jam

The Omega Jam consists of a group of indie game developers getting together to push hard on individual milestones in a shared work environment. We started on January 21, 2014 and have the space until February 21, 2014. It originated with 6 teams of 1-3 people each. Check out for game info, live streams of our work, and more. What's amazing is we found a space [...]

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Announcing Lame Castle

So, we made a game called Lame Castle. It took just over 2 months from start until being published in the android market. I'm sort of doing a soft launch in the android marketplace before submitting to apple. I'm planning to do several updates once it's in the app store.  There's some sweet content that'll go in such as a couple more interactive [...]

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Lame Castle

Just saw this ad. What's weird is I think someone's already working on a game called Lame Castle for the iPhone. It should be out fairly soon. Hopefully it's super lame and cool at the same time.

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Boom Chain

Behold, my first true Flash game.  I’ve learned a lot, the colors don’t match, and many things could be improved.  But I just had to finish something for once (Hazel, you’re still on my to do list, I swear). […]

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Smart art

  The Hazel art directory of is filling up.  I sent one of the last art requests away and will only-probably-hopefully have 1 more medium sized request.  So all I really need are more scrolling background objects and particle effects.  There will most likely be a few more items that'll pop up but for the most part I'm ready to actually start making some levels. See, I haven't started making any [...]

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Sequel or not to sequel

So i made the unlikely mishap of playing Knytt Stories before Knytt.  They're beautiful works of art.  I'm scared Knytt's not going to live up to the hype after playing its sequel first, but I sure hope it does. K-Stories took me about 24 minutes before I realized what wondrousness was gracing my fingers.  --->One time this guy picked up a krusty, cold rock on the beach only [...]

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