Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Launched On Steam

Get ready to remove your head, grab some bombs, and step into the boots of Serious Sam's most iconic foe, the Headless Kamikaze. Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! launched on Steam today! It's been 10 years since the original game came out on mobile platforms so what better way to celebrate a 10 year anniversary than with a fresh launch on Steam? Things I did for [...]

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Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! Available Sept. 15th

Our latest game Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! is coming to iOS and Android devices this Thursday, September 15th, AKA 2 days from now. We've been getting ready by grabbing screenshots, sending builds out to press, and taking a week off to go to Burning Man (totally worth it). The development of this game has been a longer road than expected. Here's a numbered list for [...]

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Serious Sam Indie Series Announced

I can finally tell everyone what I've been working on, it's called Serious Sam: Kamikaze Attack! (SSKA) and it's upping the ante on auto-runners. Instead of playing as the gun toting Sam you'll get to take on the role of a band of bomb-wielding headless kamikazes intent on ruining Sam's day. You'll get to blow up a lot of everything, and you'll get to blow [...]

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