Enemy Special Moves

Now that I'm back full time on A Spire To The Gods I'd like to keep you updated every few weeks with videos showing off the latest features. This last week I implemented enemy special abilities, AKA special moves. Certain enemies will be able to do one of these actions: Heal Ally - Heals a damaged enemy on the screen. If multiple healers are present [...]

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Aspire To Finish A Spire

A Spire To The Gods is officially back on the main burner. It feels really good to aspire to finish A Spire. I took a break from working on it back in April so I could re-wire my brain and reset everything. I went on a bike tour of southern France for 6 days, found almost every last pixel inside Dark Souls 2, spent a lot [...]

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Catching Up / Development Update

It's been way too long since any development updates have been posted. I've been busy dealing with some personal issues and have been neglecting certain things, like writing blog posts! I'm hoping to get back into a better routine and post updates more frequently. I might toy around with some dev videos, previews, random videos of me or my friends playing & reviewing games, and [...]

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Available now: First iOS update for Lame Castle

Lame Castle iOS has been updated to version 1.1 (iTunes link) The most important bullet point in this update is the download size has been reduced to 16MB so you no longer need WiFi to grab it. I also tweaked the UI so it's a little bit smoother, added a couple new lame castles to destroy and added a couple new interactive objects in the [...]

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