This game is special – kinda like the feeling you get when you drink game fuel.

Boom Chain

Behold, my first true Flash game.  I’ve learned a lot, the colors don’t match, and many things could be improved.  But I just had to finish something for once (Hazel, you’re still on my to do list, I swear). […]

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Smart art

  The Hazel art directory of is filling up.  I sent one of the last art requests away and will only-probably-hopefully have 1 more medium sized request.  So all I really need are more scrolling background objects and particle effects.  There will most likely be a few more items that'll pop up but for the most part I'm ready to actually start making some levels. See, I haven't started making any [...]

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Trust the artist

 (The "new" look) Some days are the greatest development days and some just aren't.  Luckily I've been having mostly productive days lately. For some terribly whacked out reason when Dell first sent me my laptop 2.5 years ago I thought it'd be a good idea to darken most of the art files while increasing their contrast quite considerably.  Why would I do that?!?  Because at [...]

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New website, new category, new you

Shiny things are great.  So are starfish.  But you know what's better than anything you've ever heard of before?  The Hazel Chronicles.  The Hazel Chronicles is a 2d side-scrolling platformer this really well established development house is working on.  The budget is well over a million clams.  Those are clams as in dollars.  Not pesos or the ever increasing euro.  Actually we've already lied to you.  That's [...]

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