Augmented Reality Camera Effects

I recently released two augmented reality camera effects onto Google Play. These effects work in tandem with the camera app on the newer Sony Xperia phones and tablets. The Sony camera has built in functionality to detect surfaces (like table tops) and up to 5 faces (YOUR beautiful face!). This lets me, the app maker, move characters around on your screen so they look like they're walking on your table. The [...]

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IGF 2015 Entries

The IGF 2015 Entries have been posted. This is the Independent Games Festival, which is basically a giant list of (most of) the best indie games recently released or soon to be released. My game, A Spire To The Gods, is listed on the front page because the judges thought it was so awesome. Just kidding! It's alphabetical. It would be nice if the web page had [...]

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SETI Game Jam

Last weekend I took part in a game jam at the SETI Institute. Several local developers showed up to make some interesting games, and quite a few teams participated remotely. Overall, the SETI game jam was a great experience. For games in this jam the only 2 rules were that they had to use part of the Drake Equation and something from the SETI Data Page. From the [...]

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Quickly Copy Objects In Photoshop

This is a short tutorial showing how to quickly copy objects in photoshop. As an example I'm going to copy a tree several times. Let's get to it. we want to copy this tree Steps to quickly copy objects in photoshop: 1. Open your file in photoshop. 2. Select the layer containing the image or part of the image you want to copy. (I want to copy the tree so [...]

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Enemy Special Moves

Now that I'm back full time on A Spire To The Gods I'd like to keep you updated every few weeks with videos showing off the latest features. This last week I implemented enemy special abilities, AKA special moves. Certain enemies will be able to do one of these actions: Heal Ally - Heals a damaged enemy on the screen. If multiple healers are present [...]

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Aspire To Finish A Spire

A Spire To The Gods is officially back on the main burner. It feels really good to aspire to finish A Spire. I took a break from working on it back in April so I could re-wire my brain and reset everything. I went on a bike tour of southern France for 6 days, found almost every last pixel inside Dark Souls 2, spent a lot [...]

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