Brain Rewiring Cont.

This is a followup to my post about brain rewiring. I've read several more books, some of them were great, and some of them I didn't bother to finish. One thing's for sure, I've learned a lot and feel like I have an arsenal of tactics at my disposal for how to live a happier and more fulfilled life. First, a quick development update: I [...]

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Rewiring My Brain

I've been working on rewiring my brain for the last few months. The main reason is that I was slogging through every single day (except when I was fishing!) like a worrywart zombie. Constantly wasting brain cycles thinking whatever I accomplished next might make me happy. Unfortunately, it doesn't work that way. Changing how my brain functions is not the easiest thing I've done, but [...]

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Samsung Apps Sales Figures

Below you'll find my Samsung Apps sales figures. I spent quite a bit of time going back and forth with a representative from Samsung about how they could offer 100% revenue for my apps in their 100% indie initiative, and about how great their store is. Turns out this was a huge waste of time and energy. Even after I had been working with one [...]

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Omega Jam

The Omega Jam consists of a group of indie game developers getting together to push hard on individual milestones in a shared work environment. We started on January 21, 2014 and have the space until February 21, 2014. It originated with 6 teams of 1-3 people each. Check outĀ OmegaJam.comĀ for game info, live streams of our work, and more. What's amazing is we found a space [...]

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Happiness – 2014 Looks Rosy

As I was walking to the cafe today I walked by a guy with scabs all over his face who was blankly staring off into the void. He's obviously wasting away on some nasty substance. A lady was trying to give him a few dollars but he didn't even acknowledge her. I'm so thankful I'm not that guy. If there was a big red button [...]

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The Indie Bubble

A few indie developers have been talking about the indie bubble and how it's going to burst. The indie bubble is the large influx of developers moving into the independent game space, all of those developers releasing games, trying to get press for said games, and trying to make money. A lot of people are going indie simply due to the ease of being able [...]

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