Bud Redhead

Bud Redhead is a collect-all-the-fruit-you-can sidescroller.  The graphics are pleasant and everything is well polished, which is such a relief from the hordes of indie games out there with poor UI, bad controls and even worse gameplay. The only problem with Bud is that it's pretty basic.  You just collect trinkets to increase some number that doesn't mean much (that's your score, dude) and there aren't any [...]

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Planet Damios

Planet Damios is a platforming action puzzler very similar to the original metroid for the NES.  You start the game in what appears to be a prison cell and you must roam around the world trying to find whatever it is you're supposed to find.  *Spoiler* There's no story.  *Spoiler* Sheep are running around trying to kill you, wtf?  The graphics were taken straight out of 3rd grade [...]

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Sequel or not to sequel

So i made the unlikely mishap of playing Knytt Stories before Knytt.  They're beautiful works of art.  I'm scared Knytt's not going to live up to the hype after playing its sequel first, but I sure hope it does. K-Stories took me about 24 minutes before I realized what wondrousness was gracing my fingers.  --->One time this guy picked up a krusty, cold rock on the beach only [...]

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