Crimson Star

Crimson Star is a WIP sidescroller game being developed by DarkSirrusGames. The developer claims it's about 8% completed.  So doing the math here, let's see, carry the 1, yes, it will be close to finished in time for the 2024 Olympics. We will be watching you, Crimson Star.  You're almost lookin' good. Check out the development blog here.

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Smart art

  The Hazel art directory of is filling up.  I sent one of the last art requests away and will only-probably-hopefully have 1 more medium sized request.  So all I really need are more scrolling background objects and particle effects.  There will most likely be a few more items that'll pop up but for the most part I'm ready to actually start making some levels. See, I haven't started making any [...]

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Trust the artist

 (The "new" look) Some days are the greatest development days and some just aren't.  Luckily I've been having mostly productive days lately. For some terribly whacked out reason when Dell first sent me my laptop 2.5 years ago I thought it'd be a good idea to darken most of the art files while increasing their contrast quite considerably.  Why would I do that?!?  Because at [...]

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Zan-Zan: Episode Two, The Re-Hattening

Zan-Zan's at it again in the second installment of the short series.  This game's short, really short.  That's not bad if you're looking to spend a quick 20-30 minutes collecting mushrooms.  It's a decent, tiny platformer with simple controls, left-right arrow keys to move, space bar to jump and advance the text. Like the previous paragraph said before, your task is to collect mushrooms to advance.  [...]

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Final vision

Do you like platformers?  Do you like final fantasy?  Do you like leveling up via grinding?  Then Final Vision is your game. After a couple minutes of tinkering with strange controls (They turn out to be handy once you get used to them) you choose your character's class.  There are four types, and one non-type.  Here they are (taken from the game's readme file):      Fighter  - Uses Swords [...]

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The Art of Theft

 (click image for larger version) The Art of Theft is a stealth platformer set in 1991.  Our protagonist is a British cat burglar named Trilby and he's loose in "Chapow City," which is somewhere in America. The game starts off with a quick tutorial to get you acquainted with all of Trilby's basic moves.  Right away you'll notice the game's graphics are blocky and look like an updated [...]

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