Demon’s Mirror is a PAX Rising Showcase Winner!

Hey Everyone, I just flew back from PAX East where Demon's Mirror was selected as a PAX Rising Showcase winner! Because of this we were offered free booth space at PAX East, and the game was playable for the first time by the public, ever! How'd the Show Go? Extremely well! People seemed to really dig the synergy between roguelike deckbuilding and the chain-3 mechanics. [...]

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Demon’s Mirror Dev Updates

Hi Everyone! I'd like to give you some Demon's Mirror dev updates. As some of you have pointed out it's been quiet around here. You're totally right! I've been so heads down adding content and crushing bugs that I totally forgot to keep you updated. Let's change that :) What's Been Happening: I've been busy preparing the game so it can be submitted to a [...]

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New Gameplay Trailer

Behold, the new gameplay trailer for Demon's Mirror! Feast your eyes on some new gameplay reveals, new enemies, new animations, new backgrounds, the new shop & merchant (people are calling him smile man), the reward screen, the map screen, and so much more. Please wishlist the game on Steam.   The audio is once again done by Wilmer Sound. I can't say enough [...]

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Demon’s Mirror Development Updates

Hi Everyone! I've been quiet for the last few months, but there are some exciting Demon's Mirror development updates to share, including a good reason why I've been silent recently: Updates: I got married! Woo hoo, someone finally said yes - well, I only asked one person, but I'm so glad I did. We tied the knot in September and it was the best day [...]

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Announcing Demon’s Mirror

Hey everyone, I'd like to introduce my new game, Demon's Mirror!  The game is a roguelike deckbuilder with strategic puzzle elements thrown in.  Anyone who's a fan of Slay the Spire or Monster Train should dig it.  If you played and liked my other game, WarGames: WOPR, you'll be pleasantly surprised as parts of it have been brought back to life in Demon's Mirror. The [...]

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Augmented Reality Camera Effects

I recently released two augmented reality camera effects onto Google Play. These effects work in tandem with the camera app on the newer Sony Xperia phones and tablets. The Sony camera has built in functionality to detect surfaces (like table tops) and up to 5 faces (YOUR beautiful face!). This lets me, the app maker, move characters around on your screen so they look like they're walking on your table. The [...]

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