New Gameplay Trailer

Behold, the new gameplay trailer for Demon's Mirror! Feast your eyes on some new gameplay reveals, new enemies, new animations, new backgrounds, the new shop & merchant (people are calling him smile man), the reward screen, the map screen, and so much more. Please wishlist the game on Steam.   The audio is once again done by Wilmer Sound. I can't say enough [...]

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An Entertaining Video Devlog

I recently stumbled upon an entertaining video devlog on Youtube. It's one of the best devlog entries I've come across. It's so well crafted it makes me cry. If you've ever worked on a game I'm sure you've run into many of the thought processes and problems he highlights. The creator goes by Mythic Legion, but there's a lack of other content so it's [...]

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Enemy Special Moves

Now that I'm back full time on A Spire To The Gods I'd like to keep you updated every few weeks with videos showing off the latest features. This last week I implemented enemy special abilities, AKA special moves. Certain enemies will be able to do one of these actions: Heal Ally - Heals a damaged enemy on the screen. If multiple healers are present [...]

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Proximity Mines in AnonA

I recently added proximity mines to AnonA. Check out the dev video here: Proximity mines are used to defend you and your base from any threats you might come across on distant worlds. It's possible to deploy a mine in any direction by swiping across the button in the lower left corner of the screen. El Button Alternatively, you can tap the button [...]

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Indie Games Are Dead (April Fools)

Edit: (This was an April fools joke) It's true, Indie Games Are Dead. I had the unfortunate experience of hearing about it firsthand and decided to share it with you. I'm hoping things will change and indie games will be reborn, but for now we'll have to continue living with the fondest of gaming memories. RIP, indie games. Even Indie Statik is shutting down. What [...]

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Holiday Trailer

Were you one of the people waiting for a Lame Castle trailer?  Well wait no longer because the first official trailer is here, and it just so happens to be holiday themed.  It's my first time editing a real video so I spent all day yesterday learning the whole process.  I think it turned out pretty decently.  You might either think it's pretty good or [...]

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